Drusy sparkles like 1000 Diamonds

All about Drusy

At JMH we are always on the lookout for new gemstones, and exciting new ways to present our Celtic Jewellery, Claddagh Rings and Celtic Earrings.  Drusy, which sparkles like the sun shimmering on the sea on a glorious day, seemed the perfect fit with our Celtic heritage.  Our gemstone cutters were able to select the best quality drusy for us, and create beautiful heart shape, oval, tear shape and round stones for us to showcase.  Check them out for yourself!

 Sea Green Claddagh Drusy PendantPlatinum Drusy Sterling Silver Love Heart

Sea Green Celtic Drusy PendantPlatinum Drusy Sterling Silver Celtic Heart



About Drusy….

Drusy is a beautiful sparkling stone, many millions of years old.  A member of the quartz family, the word Drusy literally means covered in tiny crystals. Each stone is unique and the natural movement you will see across the top of the stone accentuates the intense sparkle and vibrancy of the stone. Drusy glitters and dances in the light. It is vibrant, bright and beautiful, it is the perfect choice of stone to highlight our rich Celtic heritage, suiting the intricacy of the Celtic knot as much as the delicacy of the Shamrock.

It is truly a natural treasure, beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver