Our lovely Love Knot



This is a gorgeous design, and I wanted to tell you all about it!  We are so passionate about all our designs, because each has been designed by our family and inspired by our Irish Heritage.  Our rich folklore has been the inspiration for so many celtic pendants and celtic rings, celtic love knots and beautiful Claddagh Rings… let me tell you the story about this celtic pendant and earring set. 

Love Knot Pendant 


When we were creating these pieces we wanted to tell a love story, we wanted to show how love is made up of many elements, and we have represented those elements with Spirals, trinity knots and a simple Celtic weave.  You can see how they all weave into the centre to create a single piece of silver.

Love Knot Earrings

Lets talk about the symbols we have used…

  • The spiral is one of Ireland most ancient symbols, and can be found at the site of Newgrange in county Meath in the East of Ireland where it was carved on standing stones by our ancestors.  It is so ancient that its exact meaning is unknown but scholars of Celtic heritage believe it to symbolise the unending circle of life, love and hope.

  • Trinity knots are perhaps one of the best recognised symbols of Irish heritage.  Their unbroken lines weave over and under symbolising everlasting love and everlasting life.  They are inspired by the beautiful and very colourful drawings that decorate the Gospels in the Book of Kells.  We have used 2 styles of this elegant knot here

  • The Celtic weave is a very simple over under representation of the path of life and love, separating and coming together over and again. We goldplated this symbol.