The Fierce Bald Pirate


Granuaile The Pirate Queen


As a young girl, Grace O’Malley always had an adventurous spirit.  Her father was the leader of the O’Malley Clan, who traded in the seas off the West Coast of Ireland.  She begged to be allowed sail with him, but to put her off he told her that her long hair would get caught in the ships sails.  He was surprised then to see her arrive at his ship one day, her long hair all cut off, ready to go to sea.

 This brought her the nickname ‘Granuaile’, the bald Grainne, which she was known by for the rest of her days.

The Pirate Queen Pendant

 A clever and fierce leader, Granuaile quickly established herself as a major force in the West of Ireland. She taxed ships that sailed in this region, thus earning herself the name ‘The Pirate Queen’.

Toward the end of her life, her sons were taken captive by the English Army.  The courageous Granuaile took her largest ship and sailed up the Thames River in London to meet with Queen Elizabeth 1.  The two women are said to have had a great mutual respect for each other, and Queen Elizabeth agreed to free The Pirate Queen’s sons.  Grace returned home, and lived out the rest of her days in her castle on Clare Island.

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Clare Island Rocks

ROCKY CLARE ISLAND, the territory of the fierce bald pirate.

And Below, Clare Island today, sheep coralling!

Sheep Herding at Granuaile House on Clare Island.