The Legend of Tir Na N'Og


The Legend of Tir na N’Og

So, you’ll know that creating beautiful Irish Heritage jewellery is our passion at JMH.  Celtic Pendants, Celtic Earrings, Celtic Wedding rings are all to be found on our website, and each have been inspired by an aspect of Irish tradition and culture.

Read about the incredible Legend of Tir Na N’Og here:

The story goes that Niamh, a beautiful woman from the mythical Irish land of Tir Na Nog (Land of Eternal Youth), traveled under the seas to the human world to find true love.  

There she mets the Irish hero Oisin and the pair fell in love at first sight.  She persuaded Oisin to journey back under the waves with her to Tir Na Nog, and together they emerge into the dazzling land of eternal youth.  They lived a wonderful life there together, forever young. After what feels like only three short years in Tir Na Nog Oisin became very homesick for Ireland, and Niamh gave him a magical horse to take him back under the waves to his home.  However she warned him not to touch the earth, under any circumstances, for she cherished Oisin and wanted him to return to her and their happy life.  Oisin was excited to return to green fields of Ireland and was shocked to discover that in fact 300 years had passed. He forgot the advice of his love, Niamh, and whilst reaching down to touch a stone he fell from his horse.  Very quickly he became an old man and died.

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