JMH Jewellery 3 Stone Amethyst Gemstone Ring

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Three stone rings are said to represent past, present and future, so fusing this concept with the celtic journey weave around the shank seemed like an ideal match.  This weave symbolises ever lasting life and love and the beading finish along the outside of this weave lends the ring a real high end feel.

 The gemstones we selected are all high quality checkerboard cut to maximize sparkle and effect.

 Brazilian Amethyst – We choose a top grade Brazilian Amethyst for this ring.  The reason we wanted to go with Brazilian Amethyst is that it’s almost as if Mother Nature threw a dash of pink into the purple colour of the amethyst, giving it a really rich warm colour, but with all the presence of that strong amethyst purple.


Hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

 Gift Boxed

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