Peridot, a gemstone with a story

Peridot, a stunning gemstone.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow

And may good luck be with you wherever you go.

  • Peridot is said to heal the heart, lend strength.  Its strong connection to the heart is why we chose heart shaped stones for our Peridot pendants and earrings. 

  • First popular nearly 4000 years ago, the Peridot has made a comeback in recent years, sometimes it is mistaken for an emerald, although it is a different stone completely.  Its lighter colour which shows up and shimmers beautifully in artificial light means it has been called the emerald of the evening

  • Egyptians call it the ‘gem of the sun’

  • Romans used it to decorate church alters and chalices.  The churches in Rome are so ornate and beautifully decorated, and gemstones like Peridot bring colour to the stunning craftsmanship.

  • Heart shape peridot set in a shamrock pendant
  • Peridot is said to protect from negativity and nightmares

  • It is said to have calming and healing properties and to empower the recipient.

  • It is probably one of the most feminine of the coloured gemstones, and because it promotes love and heals the heart it makes it a beautiful gift to give. 

  • Said to be Cleopatra’s favourite gem.

  • It is the August birthstone and is used to mark the 16th year of marriage.

  • As jewellery makers we come across beautiful gemstones all the time! When these gorgeous heart shaped faceted peridots came to us we thought they would represent the beautiful leaves of the shamrock.  We have used them to created Peridot shamrock stud earrings, and Peridot shamrock pendants. We hope you LOVE them too.