St Brigid's Story


St Brigid was a woman of great compassion, courage, love and strength.  Her care of the needy and poor in Ireland was inspirational.  Designing and making Sterling Silver and Gold St Brigids Crosses is a joy for us at JMH Jewellery. Read St Brigid's story here.


St Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saints, she lived in the time of St Patrick. She was inspired by the teachings of St Patrick, and decided, against the wishes of her family to dedicate her life to serving god and helping the needy. She founded a convent in Co. Kildare and spent her life spreading the message of Christianity.  When her father, who was a pagan, was very ill towards the end of his life St Brigid was tending him at his bedside.  She gathered reeds of straw from the floor of his room and began to weave them into the cross we know today as the St Brigids cross, this so calmed her father that he listened to her message and converted to Christianity at the end of his life.  St Brigid life was inspirational, her remains lie today with those of St Patrick in Downpatrick in Ireland.

St Brigid's Cross 6007 

Wearing a St Brigids cross is said to protect the wearer from harm and warn off evil spirits


Designing and fashioning St Brigid’s Crosses is something we love to do at JMH Jewellery.  We hope you enjoy wearing them, and being reminded of St Brigid, who was a woman of great compassion, love and strength.